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Home > Poker King: The possibility of player poker from Smartphone
Poker King: The possibility of player poker from Smartphone
Friday, 01 March 2013
Poker King is an application for Smartphone for all fans of mobile games and specifically to those who love playing poker. The application allows you to join poker tables where players can face real opponents. In this mobile version of Poker King, the game offers the most played poker variant namely Texas Hold'em poker. It is dedicated both to beginners and professionals of the game. It allows competing with players of all experience levels, from all walks region of the world. Poker King is available for free and is compatible with Android, iOS, iPhone.To access this free mobile casino game and play poker, every player should have an e-mail address and a nickname. Then, each player can customize their profile by adding a picture or a photo. Poker King also allows viewing the profiles of all players with whom each participant want to play a part. In addition, the opportunity to learn about the level of each opponent on a table is possible.

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Source : ipad-casino.eu
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